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Leila- Futuristic Series Way Too Close To Reality

Imagine a world where the place you live, the water you drink, the food you eat, and the air you breathe depends on your caste, your religion, and your financial status. This is the world of the new Indian Web Series, Leila.

Leila follows Shalini as she struggles to find her daughter in a segregated world. ‘Mera janm hi mera karm hai’ is the motto of this new nation, Aryavatta. In this new world, you need to buy water to drink and ‘purity’ is your climbing ladder.

We see Shalini as she moves from a loving mother to a widow in a purity camp to a labor camp worker to a rebel. She takes on each role to get a step closer to her daughter.

Watch the futuristic dystopian world unfold in the thrilling new web series, Leila.

The trailer-

Streaming Now on Netflix!

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