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Dice Media’s What The Folks Season 2 Is Now Streaming: Watch First Episode

What the folks season 2 episode 1 - welcome home

Season 1 of Dice Media‘s What The Folks showed a lovely story of Nikhil and Anita, where Nikhil grows closer to his in-laws, the Sharma family. What The Folks season 2 is now streaming where the story is now introducing the Solankis, Nikhil’s side of the family.

In the first episode, titled “Welcome Home“, it’s been a few months since Nikhil and Anita have now moved to Mumbai. Nikhil’s parents, Kiran and Vandana are coming to visit them. Now from the perfectionist nature of Anita, it’d be really interesting to see the chemistry that unfolds between her and the in-laws.

The roles of Nikhil’s parents are portrayed by well-known actors, Renuka Shahane and Shishir Sharma. Returning for another season, Nikhil and Anita are played by Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra.

Will Anita be able to warm up to her in-laws in the same way Nikhil did to her parents? Will Kiran and Vandana be as ‘chill’ as the Sharmas? Watch What The Folks season 2 episode 1, “Welcome Home” to find out!

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