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What The Folks Season 3: Trailer and Release Date

what the folks season 3 poster

People’s favourite, Dice Media‘s What The Folks is back for its third season! What the Folks Season 3 trailer is here and it’s set to premiere on 5th October. We are so excited to be hit by yet another wave of Sharmas and Solankis.

With the first season, we have seen Nikhil’s adjustment and compromises around Anita’s family. All the love and respect put aside, its always a little difficult to stay around new people. And, that too when you know, they are your in-laws. All through the first season, While Nikhil’s struggles are real, you will also see Anita, rounding about with his parents and husband after all.

While the second season lasted for five episodes, we saw Anita aiming to please her in-laws. It also introduced Nikhil’s sister played by Kriti Vij and explored quite a bit of story between the brother-sister duo.

From the season 3 trailer it looks like we have a typical after marriage life. Parents and their mid-life crises, a post-divorce life and for Nikhil and Anita it’s the fight to the most common question, When are you going to have kids?

Watch the What The Folks Season 3 trailer here and get ready to watch with the whole family. It comes out 5th October.

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