Little Things That Matter Over Ideal Relationship Goals

Life is not always about grand happenings every time. There are so many little things which matter a lot in everyone’s life. The little things like small inside jokes, laughing out loud with friends, teasing friends for their crush, will always make you smile by remembering them.

These web series are presented by Dice Media and directed by Anuj Bhuyan.  It’s a love story of  Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar). These series tell us that little things are equally important to maintain balance in a relationship.

Let us see how 9 times these series proved that little things matter a lot.

1. They don’t like to call each other with cheesy nicknames like sona, baby, and jaanu.

2. How cutely, Dhruv apologizes to Kavya by sending her favorite biryani instead of sending flowers and chocolates.

3. Both of them jointly decided to groove over Bappi Da mix, instead of enjoying a fancy party.

4. Dhruv maturely advises Kavya without getting jealous, when she is feeling low by learning that her ex is getting married.

5. When Kavya saved Dhruv from the GOT spoilers at Shifa’s Tabboo night.

6. Even though Dhruv hesitated a bit, Kavya was cool to talk about the condom.

7. When Kavya speaks her heart out about her work life and Dhruv listens to it maturely.

8. When both of them check out the people around them and make each other jealous.

9. When Kavya decided to go to the vineyard without being a spoilsport when the bhajis plan didn’t work out.


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