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AIB’s “If Apps Were People” Returns With A Sequel

If Apps Were People 2

OnePlus and All India Bakchod‘s collaborative effort on the entertaining promotion of OnePlus 3T, titled as “If Apps Were People” was a major hit. It featured some of the most accurate attributes of apps portrayed by super talented actors. Now AIB has come up with a sequel which focuses on OnePlus’ latest flagship, OnePlus 5. The sequel features Sainee Raj as Supriya and Shiba Chadda as the mother. Familiar faces from the last edition, Kumar Varun, Mallika Dua, Kaneez Surka and Rohan Joshi, are also present along with some new faces.

Carrying the story forward, Supriya has given her phone to her mother and there have been major changes in the lives of apps. Whatsapp kaka, Tinder aunty and Instagram, etc all are depressed and are complaining to Supriya. Instead of Tinder Aunty ruling the phone, now we have Matrimony (also played by Mallika Dua) app taking the lead. After Supriya confronts her mother about her usage, the end takes a shocking turn. Watch the video to know what it is!

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