8 Facts About Mallika Dua You Need To Check Out!

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If you’re an ardent Youtube follower and an eager comedy lover, you must definitely have fallen for the eccentric, feisty, talented and just pretty-darn-amazing Mallika Dua. Gathering momentum for her roles in AIB videos, Mallika Dua has become a very talked about personality in the comedy circuit. So here’s presenting 8 unknown facts about our favourite Mallika Dua:

1. The go-getting and awe-inspiring Mallika Dua first became an attraction for every Youtuber due to her work in the YouTube video: “Shit people say: Sarojini Nagar” Hereafter, it was all just a movie story for our favourite comedian as she slowly rose to fame for her acting and weird choice of characters.

mallika dua facts


2. Many of you will be surprised to know that our cute and hilarious comedian is actually the daughter of senior journalist and Padma Shri Awardee Mr Vinod Dua.

mallika dua facts


3. Before stepping into the life of theatre, comedy and satires, Mallika was a copywriter in Delhi. What a bizarre change of career line, isn’t it?


4. Apart from tickling our funny bones with her work, Mallika loves to spend quality time with some good old books. She claims that Anuja Chauhan is one of her most favourite authors.


5. The oh-so-wow moments you see in Mallika’s performances can be credited to her experiences in the USA, where she trained in theatre.


6. Just like her roles in Youtube videos, Mallika aims to shatter Bollywood stereotypes and wishes to do mainstream & meaty roles rather than playing the “heroine’s best friend” cliché.


7. Owing to her familial background in journalism, this great comedian also considered joining the field herself, though very briefly during her school days.


8. A good news for every Mallika Dua fan: she is starring as a judge alongside Zakir Khan in Akshay Kumar’s new comedy reality show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.


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