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    Mitros: All India Bakchod’s Narcos Parody

    We’ve seen All India Bakchod poke fun at Indian politics with famous TV shows before. This time, they have come up with ‘Mitros‘ which is a Narcos parody. ‘Mitros‘ features the theme song of Netflix‘s famous show ‘Narcos‘ that is based on some of the world’s biggest narco-traffickers. Swapping the visuals of its stunning theme song […] More

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    8 Facts About Mallika Dua You Need To Check Out!

    Mallika Dua facts cover image

    If you’re an ardent Youtube follower and an eager comedy lover, you must definitely have fallen for the eccentric, feisty, talented and just pretty-darn-amazing Mallika Dua. Gathering momentum for her roles in AIB videos, Mallika Dua has become a very talked about personality in the comedy circuit. So here’s presenting 8 unknown facts about our […] More

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    Irrfan Khan To Star In AIB’s Debut Fiction Show: The Ministry

    After collaborating with Irrfan Khan twice in YouTube sketches, AIB (All India Bakchod) is all set to team up with him again to deliver their first ever fiction show, “The Ministry“. Irrfan Khan has worked in various formats of visual entertainment and now he’s excited to make his mark on digital space with this Amazon Prime […] More

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    AIB’s “If Apps Were People” Returns With A Sequel

    OnePlus and All India Bakchod‘s collaborative effort on the entertaining promotion of OnePlus 3T, titled as “If Apps Were People” was a major hit. It featured some of the most accurate attributes of apps portrayed by super talented actors. Now AIB has come up with a sequel which focuses on OnePlus’ latest flagship, OnePlus 5. […] More

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    Watch Tanmay Bhat And Nucleya Struggle To Find The Next Talent For Bacardi House Party Sessions

    It’s finally happened! All India Bakchod and Nucleya have collaborated on their latest output. In this video, Tanmay and Nucleya are looking for the next big talent to produce the Bacardi House Party Sessions tune. The video starts with Tanmay appreciating Nucleya’s street sound as they are auditioning musicians. The next person is a spoiled […] More

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    AskAIB – Episode 3

    AskAIB Episode 3

    All India Bakchod  are back with AskAIB. In this episode of #AskAIB they answer a bunch of questions starting with “How”. Check it out! AskAIB More