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‘Venom’ Streaming Exclusively On Prime Video

Venom, a superhero movie starring Tom Hardy is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Based on the Marvel Comics Character, Venom follows the story of Eddie Brook. Eddie is a journalist who tries to uncover a shady company, The Life Foundation. In the process, he becomes a host for an alien species. This symbiote cannot function without a living host.

Tom Hardy gives the perfect superhero act, that leaves us laughing, emotional and at all times rooting for him. The symbiote is as terrifying as a horror movie character.

The best parts of the movie? Oh Many! The conversation between Eddie and venom as they try and learn to share a body are hilarious! The edge-of-the-seat action scenes where Venom shows his true powers are a thrill to watch.

The main protagonist, the superhero, the savior is actually a not so good guy. He is flawed. He is capable of making decisions that are immoral. That is why the hero is more human than others.

Venom is a must watch for all Marvel Comic fans. The movie is a wonderful watch. Streaming Now on Amazon Prime Video exclusively.

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Which is your favorite superhero movie?!  

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