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House of Cards Season 6 Now Streaming on Netflix

House of cards season 6 ft. claire underwood

One of the most loved Netflix originals has returned for the one last time with its final season. House of Cards Season 6 is now available for streaming on the platform.

<< House of Cards Season 5 spoilers ahead>>

At the end of season 5, Frank Underwood had to resign as the President of the United States and his VP, Claire Underwood assumed the office. Since the sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey and Netflix booting him out of the show, it was a confusion among the fans if the show will return or not. Even if it did, without Frank Underwood, how would the show feel?

During the promotion of the final season, Robin Wright revealed on The Late Night Show that after deliberate discussion, it was decided by the crew that the show should move on as planned. It was made clear at the end of the fifth season that the centre point will now be shifted to Claire Underwood. Kevin Spacey’s executive producer role is also taken over by Wright in the final season.

The clips and trailers made it clear that there will be no presence of Kevin Spacey in the show, and it is indeed true, not a single photo or flashbacks. House of Cards season 6 cleverly shows how everybody around the first female President of USA wants to handle her and direct her rather than letting her do the job. There are difficult times, but she rises against adversity as the Underwoods have always done in the show. There are only 8 episodes in the final season, so it shouldn’t be that long of a binge if you decide to watch it in one go.

House of Cards Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer below:

Watch House of Cards Season 6 on Netflix

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