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Black Mirror Season 5 Streaming Now on Netflix

Catch up on the three brand new episodes of Season 5 of Black Mirror on Netflix

Black Mirror season 5 is here with three brand new episodes about lives interwoven with technology.

Back to its original format of three episodes, season 5 of Black Mirror explores the world of celebrities and fans, of taxi drivers and of a couple in love. With stars like Miley Cirus, Andrew Scott, Moriarity from Sherlock and Anthony Mackie, The Flacon from MCU, this season promises to be just as thrilling and chilling like others.

Check out the trailer:


Episode 1: Striking Vipers

‘Striking Vipers’, a tender story with huge technological impacts, follows a married couple as they have another baby. One of them an old friend and old feelings come up and things go downhill from there. The episode handles the tender human bonds and the fragile threads that hold it together beautifully.

Episode 2: Smithereens

‘Smithereens’ follows the life of a cab driver as he drives and drives and drives himself into a mental breakdown. Set in 2018, it captures the effects of big tech giants on normal citizens. The consequence of staring at a screen all day, as we spiral in the reel world, it clearly depicts the current situation.

Episode 3: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’, captures the future of celebrities and their fandoms. A famous teen star releases a her-shaped companion robot in a series of her merchandise. Two teen fans of her interact with the robot closely and soon start viewing her as a role model.


The Black Mirror Season 5 is a treat to watch and gets better and better with each episode. Catch up on the three amazing episodes of Black Mirror released exclusively on Netflix on 5th June.


Catch the brand new Black Mirror season 5 on Netflix here.

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