9 Little Known Things About “Girl In The City”: Mithila Palkar

mithila palkar little known things

Be it from “Girl In The City” or any other YouTube video, it’s hard to digest if you’ve not heard of Mithila Palkar. Youth’s favourite and a multi-talented artist, Mithila is reaching new heights in her career with every step. With her sweet voice and amazing acting, she has won so many hearts and there is no way to stop her!

Here are a few things to know about your favourite young star!


1. A Mumbaikar

Mithila is a Mumbaikar, by heart and by blood!

mithila palkar mumbaikar



2. She’s Multi-talented

Aside from her realistic portrayals,  she is also a skilled singer!

mithila palkar


3. The Start

After being involved in theatre although not as an actress, Mithila soon started auditioning for on-screen roles. One of her very first appearances was in the 2014 short film, “Majha Honeymoon.”

mithila palkar majha honeymoon


You can check it out here:


4. The Cup Song

Mithila states Anna Kendrick as one of her favourite singers. Inspired by her Cup Song, Mithila covered a Marathi song “Hi Chal Thuru Thuru” which turned out to be a major hit and was also covered by the mainstream news channels! Way to go, Mithila!

mithila palkar cup song


5. YouTube Journey

Even though Mithila is not quite active on her self-titled YouTube channel, she has garnered more than 3.5 million views and 58k subscribers.

mithila palkar youtube


6. YouTube Appearances

Mithila Palkar started to work with YouTube channels from the satirical news series with FilterCopy titled “News Darshan“. Since then she has appeared in many videos from media channels like Scoopwhoop, FilterCopy and Arre.

mithila palkar filtercopy news darshan


7. Web Series Star!

Mithila is well known for her role as Meera Sehgal on Bindass‘ “Girl In The City” where she plays a passionate fashion designer working hard to make a name for herself. She has also starred in Dice Media‘s “Little Things” alongside Dhruv Sehgal. She played a supporting role in Arre‘s “Official Chukyagiri” and something tells us this is just the beginning!

mithila palkar webseries


8. Bollywood is not so far!

If all this has not impressed you, Mithila has already appeared in a Bollywood movie “Katti Batti“!

mithila palkar katti batti


9. Big Steps Forward

Continuing her journey, Mithila Palkar is set to star in the Bollywood debut of Malayalam superstar Dulquer Salmaan alongside Irrfan Khan! The film is in the shooting phase, stay tuned for more info on that!

mithila palkar bollywood


It’s just incredible how much this young woman has achieved with her talent and hard work at the mere age of 24. In a way, she actually is a role model to the new generation. Check out her TEDx talk where she talks more about her journey and the lessons she’s learnt along the way!


And that’s all for now! Did we miss out on any of your favourite things about the amazing Mithila Palkar? let us know on our socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Featured image courtesy: Richa Kashelkar

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