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Listen To The Unheard Sounds of India on Prime Video’s Harmony with A.R. Rahman

Harmony with A.R. Rahman on Prime Video

A.R. Rahman, the name is synonymous with the richness and uniqueness of Indian music. His masterful compositions have been even honoured with not one but two Oscars. Who else could have been more perfect for a show to explore the unheard sounds of India? Prime Video India brings Harmony with A.R. Rahman where he goes around the country in search of unexplored sounds of India and brings them to a new blend of tradition with modern sounds.

The show is produced by Kavithalaya Productions. In the first episode, music maestro A.R. Rahman travels to Kerala to explore and experience the tradition of Mizhavu. This is just the first part of a five episode series, and the show offers four other similar staggering explorations and jamming session from the maestro himself. This new experience of traditional sounds with a modern touch sounds quite exciting and the amazing trailer only adds to it!

Check out the trailer and stream all episodes of Harmony with A.R. Rahman on Prime Video!

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