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Flames Season 2 Release Date Out Now

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FLAMES is a web series that takes us all down through the memory lane. The first season was produced by The Timeliners and was aired on Youtube. It revolves around the story of a group of friends: Rajat, Tanya, Gaurav and Anusha played by Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Shivam Kakar and Sunakshi Grover.
Few days ago, Ritvik Sahore took it to Instagram and announced the release date of Season2 i.e 18th October, 2019.

FLAMES| web series| FLAMES Season2| MX player
Source: @ritviksahore

It shows of a series of events that happen in their daily lives. They meet each other in their tuition classes and the series progresses along in the same manner as our school days did. They cover all the factors starting from: the pressure of examinations, the need to excel with your marks, bunking classes, friendships, fights and the magic of a first relationship.

FLAMES shows Rajat, a student who is excellent with his academics, enjoyinh his time with friends Pandu and Anusha. He meets Ishita who is new to their classes and tries to be friends with her.
The friendship then turns to a liking that Rajat develops for Ishita. They start spending more time together and Ishita develops mutual feelings. Season1 ends when Ishita comes to know about Rajat’s love interest in her.
And the end gives us a hint about both of them ending up together.

In all, FLAMES Season 1 was a mix of sequences of events that have surely happened in all our lives. The storyline shows us a mixture of academics, the ups and downs in friendship, first crush and relationships.

Season 2 of FLAMES has been much awaited by fans. Let’s wait for 18th October to find out how their relationship turns out.

Till, then enjoy watching episodes of Season 1 on MX Player.

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