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Sumeet Vyas To Host Indian Edition of “Stupid Man, Smart Phone”

stupid man smart phone sumeet vyas

stupid man smart phone sumeet vyas

Yes, you read it right! The ruler of hearts, Sumeet Vyas is set to return to the web as a host to a survival show named Stupid Man, Smart Phone. It’s an Indian rendition of a British show with the same name that won the Best Format Award at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival this year. For the Indian edition, Voot and BBC India are producing the show.

Stupid Man, Smart Phone is a survival show where the host would try and survive only with a smartphone. The shooting for the show has already started, as stated by the Permanent Roommates star in an interview. The show would also feature guests varying from chapter to chapter. During the first chapter where Sumeet takes on a jungle in Tamilnadu, the Bollywood diva Evelyn Sharma would be accompanying him. You can expect a release anytime during August end to September start.


Stupid Man, Smart Phone is releasing exclusively via Voot on September 2o. So get ready, Sumeet Vyas fans, because this is going to be an exciting one!

Check out the trailer:


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