Watch: Zakir Khan’s Surprise Visit To Fans At IIT Kharagpur

Zakir Khan Haq se single

Youth’s favourite and a big standup comedian, Zakir Khan is well-known for his down to earth attitude. Coming from an ordinary Indian family, Zakir connects well with today’s youth. In his latest segment “Apne Log, Unnki Jagah“, Zakir visits fans at IIT Kharagpur campus and surprises them.

Earlier this year Zakir released his standup comedy special on Amazon Prime Video, Haq Se Single, and those exact words were in everyone’s mouth! The joy in the youngsters’ face was just too heartwarming. While sitting together, Zakir and boys talk about how they connect easily with him and he feels more like a real person rather than some celebrity living on cloud-nine. Kudos to Zakir for showing such respect to his fans like this!

Check it out:

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