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Watch Tanmay Bhat And Nucleya Struggle To Find The Next Talent For Bacardi House Party Sessions

It’s finally happened! All India Bakchod and Nucleya have collaborated on their latest output. In this video, Tanmay and Nucleya are looking for the next big talent to produce the Bacardi House Party Sessions tune.

AIB Tanmay Bhat Nucleya Bacardi House Party Sessions

The video starts with Tanmay appreciating Nucleya’s street sound as they are auditioning musicians. The next person is a spoiled rich guy and a wanna-be DJ/music producer with no talent, accurately played by Varun Thakur. This guy is a piece in itself with its weird English-speaking and no-care-for-the-world attitude.

As the video shows exactly what they are not looking for in the musicians, Bacardi is holding a competition to find talented individuals who can produce the new Bacardi House Party Anthem. So if you are a music producer or happen to know one, watch the video and share with them!

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Check it out!

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