Watch The Timeliners’ Latest Video: Road Trip With Boss

the timeliners raod trip with boss

In collaboration with TATA Mutual Fund, The Timeliners have released a brand new video titled Road Trip With Boss. Samar is stuck with his boss, Mr Kulhara on a road trip which takes us through the employee-employer relationship.

Samar is played by Kunal Aneja, known for writing some amazing shows for The Timeliners, like The Aam Aadmi Family and FLAMES. The role of the boss is played by none other than Gopal Datt, who has impressed in numerous online videos and series.

Road Trip With Boss provides an amazing example of how brands can collaborate with content producers to create promotional yet entertaining content. The way this video progresses, it shows all the sides of their relationship, which will surely resonate with a majority of corporate employees. Samar may have been stuck, but the audience is sure to have a good time watching it.

Watch away!

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