Aahana Kumra Gives A Fitting Response To Body Shaming In New Video With Arre

Aahana Kumra Fit Bitch Challenge

Lipstick Under My Burkha actress, Aahana Kumra was recently body shamed on Instagram for not having the perfect figure. Instead of ranting on social media about it, Aahana took a different path. In collaboration with Arre, she has released a satirical and fun video that challenges society’s image of fit people, titled “Fit Bitch Challenge“.

Aahana Kumra’s Fit Bitch Challenge sarcastically suggests neglecting all the food you love and starve yourself to perfect figure while the workout breaks your body. On the bright side, you’ll have a perfect body! Hopefully, this will enlighten people on individuals having their own definition of being fit. Not everyone wants to become a bodybuilder or an Instagram model.

Check out the video:

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