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TVF Inmates Official Trailer Is Out!

TVF Inmates official trailer

The Viral Fever recently teased their upcoming original web-series. As announced earlier, today they have released TVF Inmates Official Trailer!

The trailer is all kinds of chaotic and exciting. With five people living in one house with different personalities and how their daily adventures unfold is what seems to be at the core of this new direction that TVF is taking. Created and written by Raghav Raj Kakker and Kashyap Kapoor (who are also playing major roles in the show), Inmates is directed by Yazad Anklesaria and developed by long-time TVF Creative Producer Shreyansh Pandey.

Besides both the writers, the cast includes Mukti Mohan, Akanksha Thakur and Ashish Verma. So get ready for TVF Inmates as it releases on October 13!

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