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  • Zakir Khan Haq se single

    Watch: Zakir Khan’s Surprise Visit To Fans At IIT Kharagpur

    Youth’s favourite and a big standup comedian, Zakir Khan is well-known for his down to earth attitude. Coming from an ordinary Indian family, Zakir connects well with today’s youth. In his latest segment “Apne Log, Unnki Jagah“, Zakir visits fans at IIT Kharagpur campus and surprises them. Earlier this year Zakir released his standup comedy special […] More

  • Amazon Prime and OML zakir sumukhi biswa

    Amazon Prime Video And OML To Bring Six New Comedy Series Created By Zakir Khan, Biswa and more!

    After dropping whopping 14 stand-up comedy specials, Amazon Prime Video and OML are taking it up a few notches this time. In another collaboration, the entertainment giants are bringing six new comedy series created by comedians Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Anuvab Pal, Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Varun Thakur. These web series will be released […] More

  • must-watch-indian-comedy-specials

    6 Indian Comedy Specials That You Should Not Miss!

    India’s stand-up comedy scene has been growing like a wildfire. A dedicated audience and consistently improving quality are two of the major reasons behind it. Thanks to the launch of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, comedy specials have entered Indian space and some of the most entertaining comedians have already unveiled their originals on the platform(s). […] More