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  • TVF Diwali Qtiyapa
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    The Amazing Father-Son Duo Returns On TVF’s Diwali Qtiyapa

    The all amazing on-screen father-son duo, Gajraj Rao and Jitendra Kumar have returned on TVF Diwali Qtiyapa. TVF plays the idea of long-distance Diwali celebration as Jeetu can’t make it home for Diwali. With an excuse of work at the office, Jeetu is planning a Goa trip, but the fate has other plans. We all know […] More

  • If Apps Were People 2
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    AIB’s “If Apps Were People” Returns With A Sequel

    OnePlus and All India Bakchod‘s collaborative effort on the entertaining promotion of OnePlus 3T, titled as “If Apps Were People” was a major hit. It featured some of the most accurate attributes of apps portrayed by super talented actors. Now AIB has come up with a sequel which focuses on OnePlus’ latest flagship, OnePlus 5. […] More

  • Girliyapa what happens in a girls college
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    What Happens In A Girls College: Find Out In New Girliyapa Video

    People always wonder what goes into a girls college and Girliyapa has brought you just that with some added laughs in their new video. Titled “What Happens In A Girls College“, the video features Girliyapa regular Srishti Shrivastava along with guests like Shreya Mehta from The Timeliners crew, Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane and Ahsaas Channa, whom […] More

  • Zakir Khan Haq se single

    Watch: Zakir Khan’s Surprise Visit To Fans At IIT Kharagpur

    Youth’s favourite and a big standup comedian, Zakir Khan is well-known for his down to earth attitude. Coming from an ordinary Indian family, Zakir connects well with today’s youth. In his latest segment “Apne Log, Unnki Jagah“, Zakir visits fans at IIT Kharagpur campus and surprises them. Earlier this year Zakir released his standup comedy special […] More

  • Mallika Dua facts cover image

    8 Facts About Mallika Dua You Need To Check Out!

    If you’re an ardent Youtube follower and an eager comedy lover, you must definitely have fallen for the eccentric, feisty, talented and just pretty-darn-amazing Mallika Dua. Gathering momentum for her roles in AIB videos, Mallika Dua has become a very talked about personality in the comedy circuit. So here’s presenting 8 unknown facts about our […] More

  • Indian web series binge watch

    5 Indian Web Series To Binge Watch This Extended Weekend

    Navratri is ending on a Friday and coincidentally Gandhi Jayanti falls on the upcoming Monday. Lovely situation, right? To help you get your entertainment sorted, we have listed 5 very entertaining Indian web series to binge on. Check it out: 1. Tripling Even if you’ve already watched it, it’s really fun to watch this comedy […] More

  • girliyapa excuses girls give to leave office early
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    Watch The Excuses Girls Give To Leave Office Early In Girliyapa’s Latest Video

    Just a couple of days ago Girliyapa released a striking spoof of Badshah’s ‘Mercy’ and now they are back with another hilarious video. In this short visual they are perfectly showing the kinds of excuses girls give to leave office early. Who hasn’t made excuses to leave office early? We’ve all been there! The video includes […] More

  • Dice Media What The Folks
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    9 What The Folks Moments That Every Indian Family Can Relate To

    Dice Media has delivered some great web series and recently concluded What The Folks is the latest addition to their catalogue. This hilarious family comedy revolves around a young man’s relations with his in-laws. The story breaks stereotypes and quite amusingly portrays modern times. The 5-episode drama-comedy is directed by two-time National Award winner, Ruchir […] More

  • Rajkummar Rao Being Indian
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    Rajkummar Rao Lists Types of Voters In New Being Indian Comic

    On the day of Rajkummar Rao‘s much-awaited political satire ‘Newton‘, we also got the great news of it being selected as India’s entry to Oscars. In the promotional phase, Rajkummar Rao collaborated with well-known YouTube channel Being Indian. As talented as Rao is, he amazingly lists the types of voters you find in India! Ranging […] More

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    7 Things About Sumeet Vyas You Probably Didn’t Know

    If you’ve recently become a big fan of Sumeet Vyas, you’re not alone! His work as Mikesh in Permanent Roommates and as Chandan in Tripling (Which he also co-wrote) touched hearts. But most of us don’t know that he has been doing it for a long time. Yes, he started his career in theatre and […] More

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